Through The Tough Times

A while ago, we asked the question:

“What song do you listen to that helps you get through tough times?”

There were a range of responsessome of you named specific artists, while many others of you could pinpoint a single song that you go to without thinking twice. If anything is for certain, music definitely can make us feel that we’re not alone. It can speak to us straight to our heartsas if there’s someone else on the other side that has been through what we’re currently going through saying they understand exactly what you’re feeling and it’s okay.

Here is the list of songs you came up with that helps you get through the tough times:

  • Chasing Ghosts // The Amity Affliction
  • Eye of the Storm // Cruxshadows
  • Fight Song // Rachel Platten
  • Brave // Sara Bareilles
  • Walk // Foo Fighters
  • Chain Breaker // Zach Williams
  • Digging // Vanna
  • Flower // Vanna
  • Chasing Cars // Snow Patrol
  • Ever Be and It Is Well // Bethel Music
  • You’re Gonna Be Okay // Bethel Music
  • In The Presence // Elevation Worship
  • Fortress // Elevation Worship
  • Migraine // Twenty One Pilots
  • Car radio // Twenty One Pilots
  • Truce // Twenty One Pilots
  • You Are Enough // Jason Castro
  • Uprising // Muse
  • Invincible // Muse
  • The Last Night // Skillet
  • Came Out Swinging // The Wonder Years
  • I Hope This Comes Back to Haunt You // Neck Deep
  • Tell your heart to beat again // Danny Gokey
  •  Misguided ghosts // Paramore
  • Again // Jessie Clark Funk
  • Unsteady // X Ambassadors
  • Bent // Matchbox 20
  • Never Give Up // Sia
  • Alive // Sia
  • That’s What Makes You Beautiful // One Direction
  • You Gotta Be // Desree
  • Fix You // Coldplay
  • Jet Black Heart // 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Beside You // 5 Seconds of Summer

Feel free to comment with some more songs!

One thought on “Through The Tough Times

  1. I like “eye of the storm “ by cruxshadows but I love “fear” by Blue October!!! His songs are so raw and about the tough times to where he is now, a happy, clean/sober loving husband and daddy to his girls and by.


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